We love what we do and love to share our expertise and passion for thinking and working visually and our bespoke workshops are designed to do just that!

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Working Visually Workshops

Our Working Visually Workshops give organisations, teams and young people the basic tools needed to start thinking visually. From developing their own visual vocabulary to creating their visual tools, building on those basics, that will deliver dynamic and engaging presentations and meetings, with meaningful, memorable outcomes.

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We are used to working virtually and have visualised lots of meetings, conferences and events and are doing so more now than ever! 

No matter where or how your meetings are taking place or if you’re looking for sketchnotes, illustration or training, we use digital tools that make sure your people can stay connected, can communicate seamlessly and continue to collaborate creatively… 

Animation workshops

Our masterclasses help students bring their animation projects to life. Supporting them throughout the process from script development and voice overs to producing imagery and graphics, these workshops put an emphasis on working together, supporting others, listening and building confidence.

Schools, Universities and Young people

As well as offering workshops directly aimed at young people we also have a wealth of experience working with them as part of a broader school and university community, specialising in capturing student and pupil voice.

We work closely with staff teams to design and develop the themes and content they want students and young people to explore in more depth or discuss; interacting with them and evidencing thoughts ideas and actions through visualisation, illustration and graphic recording.

Creative Facilitation

Visual tools are key to the success of any creative workshop, promoting lively debate and collaboration, stimulating visual thinking and capturing conversations.

Speak to us about how we can help you ensure long lasting impact and identify clear tangible outcomes, whether you are hosting client consultations and roadshows, or problem solving and planning sessions.