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Creating impact and clarity through live content capture

Graphic Recording & Facilitation

Whether you’re hosting an intimate meeting or a large conference, Graphic Recording & Facilitation is a great way to creatively capture the conversations taking place as they happen.

While the tools may be simple, just pens and a huge piece of paper, the impact is dramatic, instantly highlighting key messages, actions and ideas. Participants are transformed into contributors, seeing their discussion drawn out live and in real time through simple text and imagery.

This dynamic powerful communication tool ensures you are left with a long-lasting innovative record of your event, clearly visualising it’s insights and achievements.

Social Interaction Boards & Social Listening Walls

Most event organisers know the voices of your attendees can be as important as those of your keynote speakers. We can help you innovatively capture what they’re saying.

Social Listening Walls and Social Interaction Boards allow you to pose key questions to your audience and creatively capture their responses in an eye-catching mural right at the heart of your event.

This approach to live graphic facilitation also offers the opportunity to cleverly marry together face to face interaction with social media posts around an event, bringing attendees together in a both a physical and virtual environment. They are united not just by a hashtag, but through a simple picture, created and displayed at the event and shared on social media.

The shareability of these Social Listening Walls and Social Interaction Boards means they bring an energy all of their own, facilitating trending hashtags, creating digital disruption and ensuring key conversation will keep going way beyond the end of your event.


Sketchnotes offer a small scale approach to Graphic Recording and Facilitation, using a mix of text styles and doodles to illuminate and illustrate key messages from your event.

Free from the white noise you’re left with a fresh, engaging image, highlighting core content that’s perfect and easy to share both during and after the event.